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Strategic Sourcing, Sales and Services For The Global Marketplace.

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​Global Strategic and Tactical Sourcing Is Complicated!


Find-It-Globally (Canada) Ltd. provides our customers with a global purchasing department without investing in the infrastructure and the overhead.

​With global relations in over 175 countries, we are well-suited to conduct global strategic sourcing on behalf of your company. 

Most of our customers want to decrease the cost of consumables and strategic products, but, in some cases they simply do not know where to begin or how to engage with international suppliers in the global marketplace.

​Does this sound familiar?  Where do you start?  What kind of hurdles do you have to deal with?  How much can I really save?  Does the product meet my rigorous quality control requirements? How do I protect myself?

​Let us guide you through these and other potential minefields while augmenting your existing supply chain.  We want to help you build a better mousetrap.  Together we can make it more efficient and less expensive.

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Let's discuss the who, the how and the why
you may want to engage in worldwide sourcing.

​​​The most common definition of sourcing is
"​The identifying of potential vendors, conducting negotiations with them and then agreeing to supply contracts with these vendors".

We work in conjunction with your engineering, supply chain and management teams to develop the "4R's".

* RFI - Request for Information
​* RFP - Request for Proposal
​* RFQ - Request for Quotation
​* RFT - Request for Tender